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Powerful  ideas  realized.

Paul Jolly.
Fundraiser.  Coach.  Poet.


Paul Jolly is a published poet with a history of helping creative individuals open new artistic doors and giving nonprofit organizations the tools to flourish.



With over 20 years of experience as a major gifts fundraiser, Paul can help your nonprofit thrive.


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Creativity partner

If you want to make more space for creativity in your life, Paul can help you understand your process, befriend your inner critic, and clear the clutter.

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Mischievous observer

Paul's new collection of poems, Why Ice Cream Trucks Play Christmas Songs, combines zany humor with delightful wisdom. 

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Guidestar and other blogposts


Since 2014, Paul has been a valuable resource for nonprofits trying to strengthen relationships with their supporters

— At Least First Name, Title


“Working with Paul has set into motion unexpected growth in me that has been highly beneficial for my professional relationships and organization.”

“Paul is a great listener and strategist. He is bold about suggesting alternative approaches to things that have previously stumped me..”

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