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My Life as a Fundraising Consultant


I worked as a fundraising professional for over 20 years before starting the consulting firm Jump Start Growth. My career first began in one-person development offices before I moved to The Wilderness Society, where I was a one of six major gift officers. My last full time job was at the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland.


In every instance, I zeroed in on gifts from individuals at the top of the giving pyramid. The focus of Jump Start Growth is bringing effective major gifts fund raising practices to organizations that are ready for dramatic expansion. Successes include leading three capital campaigns for organizations new to major gifts fund raising, securing millions of dollars in bequest and planned gift commitments, and bringing a laser-sharp focus to relationships with donors.

Why Organizations Hire Me


There are typically three challenges that organizations hire me to address:

1. They have donors who are writing three-digit checks who they know could write four-, five-, or six-digit checks.

2. They know some of their board members are connected to philanthropists, but when they ask for help fundraising, they hear resounding silence.

3. They are investing their fundraising resources in galas, raffles, golf tournaments, or auctions, and they suspect there must be a way to raise more money with less pain. (Hint: There is.)

If you want to talk about how to add some oomph with integrity to your fundraising program, get in touch.

Organizations I Work With

Bread & Roses

Carpenters Shelter

Catholic Climate Covenant

Catholic Mobilization Network

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Center on Conscience and War

Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

College of Southern Maryland

Colored Girl Productions

DC Central Kitchen


Good Shepherd Housing

Ignatian Volunteer Corps

Jesuit Refuge Services

L'Arche of Greater Washington

L’Arche USA

National Catholic Partnership

on Disabilities

National Law Center Homelessness

and Poverty
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services
Public Justice Center
Shalem Institute
Smith Center for Healing and the Arts
Step Afrika
Wicomico Library
Young Leadership Foundation

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I have experienced Paul Jolly as an excellent listener. Feeling truly heard and understood has been an essential component for professional growth, enabling me to better reflect on and navigate various situations, important decisions and courses of action.

- HU

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